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Global Education Futures Forum

Global Education Futures (GEF) is an international collaborative platform that brings pioneers of global education to discuss and implement the necessary transformations of educational ecosystems for the thrivable future.

We will hold 3 GEF Forums at the hearts of learning communities around the globe in 2015

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Why this Forum?

Join the global conversation!

  • GEF Forum — California Menlo Park, California
    1—3 April 2015
  • GEF Forum — Brazil World Skills International, São Paolo
    12—14 August 2015
  • GEF Forum — Singapore Singapore
    November 2015
  • GEF Results Presentation World Economic Forum, Davos
    January 2016

GEF Forum — California

1—3 April 2015

Towards learner-centered lifelong learning

Rosewood Sand Hills, Menlo Park, California,
in conjunction with Global Technology Symposium

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Global Education Futures partners with Global Technology Symposium in the USA. Please, register through GTS facilities. Contact us at for any additional information.

The California forum will explore main changes in education driven by technological innovations, major social & economic transformations, and personal & collective demands for education that meets 21st century needs. Education of the future is the learner-centered, community-based, life-long, 24/7, open & flexible process integrated into our daily routines and enhanced by diverse technologies. This education should cater to many learner needs previously unattended by formal education systems — and it will involve many new solutions for online and face-to-face learning. We invite and welcome the shapers and sherpahs of the emerging global educational ecosystem to join our conversation.

Keynotes and panel discussions with education innovators and thought leaders will set the stage for the Rapid Foresight session that will focus on four big themes:

  • How to create global online learning platforms that serve better world’s education?
  • How will new models of knowledge creation be organized?
  • How will viable mass-scale models of personalized education be built?
  • How to increase the resilience of our cities and communities through collaborative learning?

The participants of GEF-California will co-design a Future Learning Challenge — the first global open-source contest of education startups and innovation that encourages solutions ‘from the future’.


Charting the future: key trends that shape education and learning

10:00 – 11:00
Introduction, GEF & GTS presentation
11:00 – 13:00
Keynote/panels on big trends and visions of the future
14:00 – 18:30
Foresight-session. Group work on mapping key trends in education. Vision of Education 2035. Discussion of opportunities and threats for diverse stakeholders.

Finding our pathway into the future of education

10:00 – 11:30
Joint session of GEFF / GTS. Keynotes / panels with pioneers in learning/edtech innovations.
12:00 – 17:00
Foresight session (continues). Human Learning Lifecycle: mapping of existing, emerging & new educational solutions that cater to various human needs.
17:00 – 18:00
Joint session of GEF / GTS. Fire Chat with impact investors: In a search of the next big markets to invest.

Projects that will bring us there

10:00 – 13:30
Foresight session (continues). Discussion of existing projects & potential collaborations. Design of the Future Learning Challenge.
14:30 – 15:30
Joint GEF / GTS session: Presentation of promising startups in EdTech.
15:30 – 17:30
Joint GEF / GTS session: Presentation of GEF group work results.
17:30 – 18:00
Final remarks

GEF Forum — Brazil

12—14 August 2015

Future skills and the transformation of professional education in 21st century

Anhembi Parque, São Paulo, Brazil,
in conjunction with World Skills San-Paolo 2015

Global Education Futures partners with World Skills San-Paolo 2015 and SENAI in Brazil. Please, sign up for the newsletter to get a reminder once registration is open. Contact us at for any additional information.

Industries across the world undergo a major transformation driven by accelerating automation and digitalization, coupled with the wave of innovation in human-centered service sectors. Such transformations call for new skills and new methods to train them. The session will explore these new demands and new ways of skills creation, including possible radical scenarios of professional education transformation. Also, this session will explore the demand of the emerging economies, including BRICS countries.

GEF Forum — Singapore

November 2015

Competitive national policies and models of local learning ecosystems for 21st century education

Venue will be announced in late Spring 2015

Please, sign up for the newsletter to get a reminder once registration is open. Contact us at for any additional information.

The third GEF Forum will build its agenda around the vision of future education demanded by the citizens and economies worldwide, obtained through Forums in California and Brazil. New models of education could lead to responsible citizenship and sustainable communities. National and regional regulators are in the position to facilitate the emergence of such models — as well as other traditional national & regional institutions that preserve the communities and the culture. Singapore will set the stage for our Forum as one of the successful models of such policies, and a milieu where the European and Asian practices of education productively merge.

GEF Results Presentation

January 2016

Results Presenation at World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum at Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

Please, sign up for the newsletter to get a reminder once registration is open. Contact us at for any additional information.

The new version of Global Education Future Agendas will be produced as an outcome of collaborative dialogues during three GEF Forums in 2015. The special presentation session is planned during the World Economic Forum meeting in 2016.

Advisory board

Full Advisory board

How GEFF Works

Rapid Foresight is a participatory methodology that helps organizations and communities to sense and articulate challenges and opportunities of the emerging future as well as develop capacities needed to effectively address them and eventually unleash synergies through collective action. Group work may last from several hours to several days and involves trend mapping, analysis of opportunities & challenges, and design of actionable initiatives.

More about Rapid Foresight
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2010 — 2014

Our journey have started in 2007 when we have launched several innovative participatory formats in Russia in an attempt to envision the futures of education in our country and abroad. We have worked with several thousands experts in education, new technologies, human resource and R&D management, urban development and more from Russia & CIS, BRICS, Europe and the USA, challenging them to partake the responsibility for the desired outcomes in the next generations of educational ecosystems.

As a result, a prodigal and foreword-looking community was born, and together we have launched over 100 projects on different scales that changed the landscape of Russian & CIS education. In 2014 we started active collaboration within BRICS countries.
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In 2013 we took a step further and created Future Agendas for Global Education, a trans-media product that includes Futures Agenda for Global Education book, Global Education Futures Map and a (forthcoming) digital app. This product is now praised to be a pioneer research on education futures internationally, and becomes a strategic tool for planning, operating and decision-making in Russia and several emerging economies. We consider this work a stepping stone to begin international dialogues on the vision of global education ecosystems. We invite you to discuss it, enhance it, challenge it, or bring radically different points of view — everything that will help to build the shared perspective of the future education.

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